Mega Resistor


MEGA ELECTRONICS Co., has formulated a QUALITY CONTROL/ QUALITY ASSURANCE programme, which is based upon :

i) The requirements applicable as per the Joint Services Specifications on the company product,

ii) The requirements as per the International Standards on quality systems,

The programme has formulated a Quality System Manual, along with a Procedure Manual. The Quality Assurance Programme encompasses:

i) Procedure for selection of raw materials and vendor,

ii) Procedure for evaluation of incoming material, identification, storage and issue,

iii) Process of establishing manufacturing methods, machinery, and man power,

iv) Formulation and implementation of in-process as well as final stage inspection and/ or verification process including identification, procurement, maintenance and calibration of test and measuring instruments,

v) Periodical and as well as customer specified evaluation of products, to ensure compliance with applicable specifications towards its behavior under various environmental conditions both static and dynamic, viz.:

a) Physical stresses like pull/ axial loads,

b) Physical stresses like acceleration, bump, impact, vibration etc.,

c) Climatic stresses like temperature - low and high, humidity low (dry) and high (wet),

d) Atmospheric stresses like dust, corrosion at external evaluation laboratories.

The company has evolved a suitable documentation procedure to ensure implementation of all the planned activities connected with the Quality Assurance Programme.

Test Bench Lead Robustness Tester Heat Chamber
Test Bench Lead robustness tester Heat chamber