Mega Resistor


We are equipped with latest plant and machinery,  requisite testing and measuring instruments and a full fledged Quality Control / Quality Assurance lab, to manufacture "MEGA" Wirewound Resistors as per the requirement of each and every customer.

To wind high accuracy Wirewound Resistors, we have fully automatic C.N.C. controlled resistance winding machines and automatic / semi automatic resistance winding machines. Miniature Spot Welders are used to ensure permanent and low resistance bond between the tin plated copper caps and the resistance wires.

Good quality Ovens, with accurate temperature controllers are used to cure the Coated/ Ceramic encased Wirewound Resistors.

To ensure that every resistor of "MEGA" brand, meets the highest standards, the resistors are subjected to on-line checking, random checking, batch checking, and one hundred percent checking.

Meters like Milli-Ohm Meters, Ohm Meters, Power Supplies, H.V.Break Down Testers, Insulation Resistance Testers, Bridges are used for evaluation in our Quality Control / Quality Assurance departments. These measuring meters are regularly calibrated.